Good News for Marbella Movie Goers

There’s good news for all Marbella film fans, the cinema in Puerto Banús has not only re-opened after its closure for reformations it now offers substantially more movies in English. Previously known as the Cine Gran Marbella, the new cinema, called Teatro  Goya  has been designed as a cutting edge, multipurpose venue offering numerous events and activities alongside the regular movie screenings.

Managed by the company responsible for the Teatro Goya in Madrid, there are high hopes that the new venue will become a focal point in Marbella, bringing world famous events and exhibitions to the town. After a year of record tourist numbers and an increase in property sales, the opening of new entertainment facilities and the investment in Marbella that it represents, comes as a further sign that Marbella is firmly on the rise again. However, more importantly for Marbella residents and holidaymakers, the screening rooms now offer at least 3 different movies a week in English (V.O.S.E). This comes as a welcome change to the previous cinema, which rarely showed anything more than one movie a week in English, leaving the Cinema in Fuengirola as the nearest destination to watch a movie in English. The perfect family activity for winter nights, take a look at the Teatro Goya website for all the latest listings and enjoy the pleasures of a good movie, in a beautiful new cinema.